Choir Final Exam

The choir final exam consists of an evaluation of two choral performances. During the final, students will be given a copy of the Large Group Performance Evaluation rubric, as linked below, and will critique and score the recorded performances as if they were an LGPE judge. There is no real way to study for this final, other than to have been an active participant in rehearsal throughout the semester. Each section of the rubric (tone, pitch, rhythm, ensemble, diction, interpretation, and other factors) must have three cohesive and coherent comments about the performances, with the exception of the other factors section which only requires one comment. Students may circle the plus/minus marks in each section, but that will not be considered a complete comment alone. Comments such as “the ensemble’s tone was good” are NOT sufficient quality. Listen deeply!

If you have any questions about the meaning of any of the terms on the rubric, I’ll answer them via email or Remind!


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