Winter Extravaganza Details

Winter Extravaganza Concert

  • Monday, 12/9 from 4-6pm: Dress rehearsal with band and orchestra
    • This rehearsal is required of all students! Due to late notice, if a student has a work/doctor/etc. conflict, they will be excused. However, students or parents must provide a screen shot of a work schedule, doctor’s note, etc. This is our only opportunity to combine with the instrumental students before the actual concert! The rehearsal for each class should last no longer than thirty minutes. Call times for each class are as follows:
      • Concert Choir – 4pm
      • Women’s Chorale – 4:30pm
      • Harrison Chamber Singers – 5pm
  • Tuesday, 12/10 at 7pm: Concert
    • All students are expected to wear their usual concert attire for this performance. Students doubling in choir and an instrumental class may wear their choir attire rather than band/orchestra as they will be more visible when performing with their choir. Students are highly encouraged to incorporate some item of festive attire for this concert! Santa hats, flashing light necklaces, festive bow ties, reindeer antlers, scarves, etc. are all permitted as long as they do not impede other students’ vision or cause the wearer to become overheated under stage lights. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about attire.
    • All tickets for this concert are $10, regardless of age. Due to very limited seating in the Harrison Performing Arts Center, tickets will be sold online at the link below. The link will go live at 8am on Friday, December 6th! This concert has sold out almost every year in larger venues, so get your tickets as soon as possible if you want to ensure your ability to attend! For reference, there are roughly 465 students participating in this concert, and about 730 available seats in the theatre. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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