Monday 8/17 Wrap-Up

Good afternoon everyone!

Well, that was a new way to do the first day of school! It is my understanding that a few students may have had difficulty with the new technology and logging in to CTLS. That is completely to be expected, and no student will be faulted for technical issues as of right now! Therefore, I’ve compiled the links and tips below to help make this transition smoother going into the rest of the week, and to catch students and parents up on what may have been missed today.

  1. All students need to sign up for Remind! I will most often communicate with students directly this way. Use the links below to register for the appropriate class:
    Concert Choir – 1st Period – Beginning Mixed
    Women’s Chorale – 2nd Period – Intermediate Womens
    The Harrison Chamber Singers – 3rd Period – Advanced Mixed
  2. If at any point, CTLS and Zoom are not cooperating, send me an email and I will send you a direct Zoom invitation to get you in to class. Logging in early helps here!
  3. We covered a lot of material and discussed a lot of assignments today! I will be posting weekly To-Do lists for students in CTLS, on Remind, and here on the blog. Here’s the To-Do list for this week: Choir Checklist for 8/21-8/23
  4. Many students may feel concerned about the recording assignments we discussed today. Please reach out if you have technical issues or just want clarification on these assignments! Here are some resources and programs to help with the recording assignments:
    Download Audacity – free audio recording software for Mac OR PC, I use this myself!
    Vocaroo – website where you can record and download audio without downloading new software

I fully recognize that this first day may have been bumpy for more than a few students, but I know that after we work out all the issues we can have a smooth online semester! And once again, if you have ANY questions at all, feel free to email me at

Mrs. Schuitema

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