AP Music Theory – Exam Updates – COVID-19

See the list below for updates pertaining to the AP Music Theory exam this semester:

Florida Tour – Cancelled

Good morning,

I’m sure a lot of y’all have been waiting on this email, but it will come to no surprise that the Florida Tour scheduled for April 16th through 19th has been cancelled. The Cobb County School District policy is that ALL field trips previously scheduled have been cancelled. Click here to read up on Cobb’s COVID-19 guidance. This will come as a heavy blow to a lot of the kids, and I am very sorry that we’re in a place that we had to cancel, but it is obviously outside of my control.

Regarding refunds, I am working with all of our trip vendors to get back as much money as possible. Luckily, many of our final payments were not due until April 1st, so most of that will come back to us. There are a couple deposits that will have to remain, particularly that with our charter bus company, His Majesty Coach. I intend on being fully transparent with you all about the money we were able to get back, and how much that means we are able to return to you and your students. Money earned through fundraisers cannot be reimbursed, but payments made in cash or check will be refunded, with a percentage removed for non-refundable deposits. Look for more information on that as the semester progresses.

I hope that everyone is staying home (when you can) and safe, and that your kids aren’t stir crazy yet! I miss making music with them dearly.

Mrs. Megan Schuitema
Harrison HS Director of Choirs