Section Leaders and Class Representatives – Fall 2019

Concert Choir

Soprano – Allie Gospodareck
Alto – Caroline Cali
Tenor – Owen Davis
Bass – Alex Guercia
Class Representative – Caroline Cali

Women’s Chorale

Soprano 1 – Jillian Howell
Soprano 2 – Sophia Caveney
Alto 1 – Macy Kiger
Alto 2 – Kelsey Foster
Class Representative – Georgia Holland

Harrison Chamber Singers
Tenors – Nikaien
Soprano – Estrella Dearborn
Alto – Lily Kate Soetebier
Bass – David Champion
Class Representative – Emma Martinez


Estrella Dearborn

Christian Baldwin & Owen Davis

Hunter Sellier

Liam McGregor

Mattie Hunt & Owen Davis

Eva Stratigos

Christian Baldwin

Nick Nguyen & Christian Cave

Emma Martinez & Julia Brandt

Angela Gordon

Georgia Holland

Fideliah Cherident

Nick Nguyen

Garvin Pierre & Brianna Labossiere

Angelina Pacitti

Abby Carlton

Ada Hutcheson & Owen Davis

Brianna Labossiere

Kai Adams

Kayla Murray

Owen Davis & Nick Nguyen



Thank you to everyone who auditioned! See y’all Thursday, April 11th! Email for sound check and event details.


Fall 2019 Advanced Choral Ensembles

Select Women’s Choir

Sopranos Mezzos Altos
Serenidy Benton

Darian Bingaman

Dominique Carrillo

Evan Chipman

Natalie Drown

Jillian Howell

Samantha Rains

Avery Snyder

Rose Clark

Abigail Forester

Sarah Gabrielle

Tuana Gitonga

Angela Gordon

Lindsey Hoenig

Georgia Holland

Paige Huynh

Ilona Kish

Hannah Long

Kyra Palmer

Makaila Riddle

Al Rogers

Lauren Sweat

Immashiya Tanko

Mia Whyte

Katea Bickerstaff

Emma Bookout

Emily Brandt

Annabelle Dehaas

Medjina Desir

Dallas Dickson

Isabella Flores

Kelsey Foster

Megan Godley

Taylor Rawls

Madison Schindler

Petula Tsapoitis


Harrison Singers

Sopranos Altos Tenors Basses
Julia Brandt

Abby Carlton

Kaitlyn Colvin

Madeline Conrad

Estrella Dearborn

Natalie Drown

Mallory Kiger

Emma Martinez

Emily Rowell                                                                                       

Anna Brackett

Princess Brigman

Kelsey Foster

Brianna Labossiere

Angelina Pacitti

Cassandra Porter

Rachel Riggs

Lily Kate Soetebier

Kai Adams

Owen Davis

Alex Guercia

Bennett Joyner

Dylan Mantell

Nick Nguyen

Ethan Roshaven

Alex Scott

Griffin Ackermann

David Champion

Alex Colas

Aidan Giavelli

Garvin Pierre

Luke Renier

Grey Rogers


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me with information on what to prepare for the spring 2020 placements. Congratulations on a very competitive round of auditions!



Choir Final Exam

The choir final exam consists of an evaluation of two choral performances. During the final, students will be given a copy of the Large Group Performance Evaluation rubric, as linked below, and will critique and score the recorded performances as if they were an LGPE judge. There is no real way to study for this final, other than to have been an active participant in rehearsal throughout the semester. Each section of the rubric (tone, pitch, rhythm, ensemble, diction, interpretation, and other factors) must have three cohesive and coherent comments about the performances, with the exception of the other factors section which only requires one comment. Students may circle the plus/minus marks in each section, but that will not be considered a complete comment alone. Comments such as “the ensemble’s tone was good” are NOT sufficient quality. Listen deeply!

If you have any questions about the meaning of any of the terms on the rubric, I’ll answer them via email or Remind!